The D800Z is designed for high-performance job shops providing precision large part 5-axis machining for the die/mold and aerospace markets.
Like D500 machines, the D800Z offers easy access to the spindle and table, a highly rigid structure for responsive cutting, outstanding surface finishes and optional automation devices. Workpieces of up to 1,000mm in diameter and 1,200kg in weight can be machined in five axes, with great efficiency and fewer operations for reduced production time.

The large part 5-axis machining capabilities of the D800Z can be utilized in five-face milling mode to minimize setup, maximizing access to complex, multisided parts and reducing cycle times, or to address the demanding angular, blending, matching, fine-surface finishes and 3-D accuracy requirements of die-and-mold components.

Specifications: Makino D800

Travels: X-axis - 1200 mm
Y-axis - 1100 mm
Z-axis - 650 mm
B-axis - 180° (-180°/0°)
C-axis - 360°
Spindle: 20.000 RPM
Rapid Traverse: 36.000 mm/min
Cutting Feedrate: 36.000 mm/min
Maximum Payload: 1.200 kg
ATC Capacity: 155 tools
High pressure coolant through the spindle: 70 bar

The D500 is aimed at the aerospace supply industry, premium job shops and die-and-mould manufacturers.
The customers targeted in the aerospace supply industry are manufacturers of jet engine components such as blisks, impellers and blades (200-500 mm).
The premium job shops targeted are manufacturers geometrically complex parts and prototypes for the medical, photonics and semiconductor industries. In the die and mould industry the applications will be
primarily involve index machining (2- and 3-axis) with a special focus on deep cores/cavities and providing fast acceleration and precision in simultaneous 5-axis machining, even for heavy workpieces.

makino4Application benefits
Customers in the aerospace supply industry will benefit from reduced blade machining times thanks to the high acceleration and deceleration performance of the rotary table. This is particularly beneficial in blisk and impeller machining where leading-/trailingedge reverse motion speed is the key. Premium job shops are faced with frequent model changes, tight reprogramming times as well as numerous positioning and indexing operations and on-machine manual inspection times. Their requirements are for a machine that is easy to program for one-off prototypes and offers high positioning accuracy, good visibility from an operating eye view and an easily accessible working chamber. The D500 meets these requirements.
It delivers high positioning accuracy thanks to the short distance between the A-axis pivot point and workpiece location. The operating station directly faces the A-axis and the walk-in splashguard enables the operator to enter the machining chamber more easily.
What’s more, the pallet changer is positioned directly opposite the operator’s station, a design that does not affect the ease of working even in automatic operation.
Last but not least, die-and-mould manufacturers will benefit from the minimisation of level differences at seams in index machining and the ability to move heavy workpieces and enjoy fast acceleration in simultaneous 5- axis machining. Significant reductions in rough machining times, improved tool life and enhanced surface finished are to be expected.

makino3Outstanding feature
Technically speaking, the outstanding feature of the D500 is its three ultrahigh torque direct-drive (DD) motors, one at each end of the cradle (tilting Aaxis) and one for the rotary table (rotating C-axis). These DD
motors bring the benefits of fast acceleration and highspeed rotation, enabling the A-C axes to fully follow the linear X-Y-Z axes, even with a maximum table load of 350 kg. By positioning DD motors on both sides of the tilting axes, the Makino design engineers have prevented torsion on the tilting axis and optimised the distribution of torque. The trunnions supporting the cradle are designed with a fully coaxial layout and have a split structure that allows assembly adjustments, which substantially improves machining accuracy.

makino6Thermal control
The issue of thermal control is critical to a machining centre’s accuracy over time. Here, Makino has come up with a number of smart solutions to the heat problem.
Both the spindle and feed axis are temperature controlled while key cast-iron components, e.g. the column and bed, are insulated against ambient heat. Moreover, Makino’s unique spindle coolant system and cooling oil encircling the DD motors prevent a heat-induced loss of accuracy.
The D500 comes with a number of spindle variations. The high-speed spindle is a 20,000-rpm HSK-A63.

High level of automation
Since the issue of automation in parts machining is increasingly critical, the D500 is designed to be readily compatible with a pallet changer, pallet magazine.

Specifications: Makino D500

Travels: X-axis 550 mm
Y-axis 1000 mm
Z-axis 500 mm
A-axis 150° (+30°/-120°)
C-axis 360°
Table: Table size Æ 500 mm
Maximum loading weight 350 kg
Max workpiece dim. Æ 650 mm x H 500 mm
Feed rate: Rapid traverse:X-axis 48000 mm/min
asse Y e Z - 50000 mm/min
asse A e C - 50 rpm
Cutting traverse: X X-axis  1-32000 mm/min
Y- and Z-axis 50000 mm/min
A- and C-axis 50 rpm
Tool changer: 60 tools Machine 1 (2010) and
155 tools Machine 2 (september 2015)


  • 2 c.n.c. MAKINO elettromandrino ad alta velocità (20000 giri/min) a 5 assi - HSK-A63 (x=550, y=1000, z=500)
  • 3 c.n.c. C.B. Ferrari A13 (x=650, y=320, z=320); 2 F43-E (x=920, y=420, z=350)
  • 1 c.n.c. C.B. Ferrari con elettromandrino ad alta velocità (18000 giri/min) a 3 assi - A17 (x=1050, y=520, z=420)
  • 3 c.n.c. C.B. Ferrari con elettromandrino ad alta velocità (20000 giri/min) a 4 assi A15 (x=850; y=420; z=420); B15 (x=850; y=420; z=420); B18 (x=1400; y=520 z=420)
  • 1 c.n.c. C.B. Ferrari con elettromandrino ad alta velocità (20000giri/min) a 5 assi B18 (x=1400; y=520; z=420)
  • 1 EDM die sinking Charmilles Technologies ROBOFORM 55P (x=600; y=400; z=450)
  • 1 wire EDM  Charmilles Technologies ROBOFIL 330F ( 400x300)

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